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Home page of Larry Lowenthal, an expert witness in lawsuits that involve Realtors and real estate brokers accused of negligence, failure to disclose, malpractice, breaches of ethics and law, and other questionable conduct.  He is based in South Florida.  Visit his site: www.RealWitness.com

Noah Lowenthal is an advertising creative professional in Chicago.
Write to him:  Noah @ Lowenthal.net  (not a link)

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Gene Lowenthal is a retired computer science maven in Austin, Texas.  Write him: Gene @ Lowenthal.net (not a link)

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John Lowenthal is a software engineer and web developer in Los Angeles.  Write to him:  John @ Lowenthal.net (not a link)

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Copyright 1997-2017, Larry Lowenthal, Cooper City, Florida  Write Larry:  Larry @ Lowenthal.net  (note:  this is not a link.  You must type it out.)   

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